IN ENGLISH – EMPOWERING PEOPLE IN THE WORKPLACE – 19, 21, 26, 28 September and 3, 5 October 2022

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Dates: 19, 21, 26, 28 September and 3 and 5 October 2022

Time: 6pm – 9pm (Madrid, Spain)

Location: ZOOM Platform (zoom.us)

Language: English

Price:  575$€ Early Bird until 19th August and 625$ Regular Registration. Four (4) or more registering together take $40 off the registration fee.

Materials included: 

  • Empowering People in the Workplace Facilitator Manual
  • Empowering People in the Workplace Participant Workbook
  • Empowering People in the Workplace Tool Cards
  • Quick Reference Guides for Team Meetings and Teams Problem Solving Steps



  1. Make the payment through this platform
  2. Fill in the registration form: Formulario de Inscripción Talleres Disciplina Positiva.
  3. You will recieve a wellcome letter a few days later.

For more information about the workshop please contact Núria Rodríguez at 629.487.537 or at the email nuria@positivedisciplinelab.com



This six online session Certification Workshop that trains leaders and team members with the necessary skills and processes to create and sustain respectful and productive workplaces. This program stands alone or offers significant enhancement to other leadership programs; it emphasises experiential activities based on Positive Discipline principles and tools to inspire deeper understanding and change. The ONLINE workshop will include in-person Zoom meetings and an independent study between sessions. Materials will be provided at the in-person site. The workshop will be in English. 

Attend this workshop if:

  • You want to grow your own leadership skills
  • You work in Human Resources
  • You work in Leadership Development
  • You are a school administrator or part of a school leadership team
  • You are an entrepreneur and lead a team
  • You lead a team of volunteers
  • You believe in a workplace culture based on mutual respect

Attendees will earn recognition as Certified Empowering People in the Workplace Facilitators and will learn:

  • Ways to use empowering communication to promote a respectful, highly productive workplace environment.
  • How Positive Discipline principles present a timely, holistic model for businesses.
  • How childhood memories impact some of your beliefs.
  • How to be encouraging to yourself and others.
  • How the Team Meeting process and Team Problem Solving Steps are fun and effective in businesses.
  • How to create a culture of mutual respect in the workplace prioritising inclusion and recognising the value of diversity.

This workshop provides professional development for Human Resources Professionals, Mentors and Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Volunteer Coordinators, Team Leaders, School Administrators and Leadership Personnel, Positive Discipline Certified Educators, Trainers and Lead Trainers.


Yogi Patel is the founder of Heartfelt, a Positive Discipline and Montessori consultancy. She held leadership roles in various organizations before founding and leading Kinderhouse Montessori Schools. Yogi is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer and a Master Trainer for Empowering People in the Workplace and holds a certificate in yoga and Montessori education and a degree in Early Childhood Administration. Fueled by her love, Yogi offers Positive Discipline seminars, one-on-one coaching, and certification training to leaders, teachers, parents, and children of all ages worldwide. She volunteers with the PDA board as an outreach advisor and serves as an educational advisor on the Trunks and Leaves organization’s board. Yogi enjoys yoga, cooking, HIT training, and gardening. Her passion is in educating and nurturing children while advocating for youths worldwide to keep them safe from emotional, sexual, and physical abuse. She now feels fulfilled when helping children gain a sense of belonging and significance.

Núria Rodríguez Font is co-facilitating this workshop. Founder of Positive Discipline Lab, an experiential learning space born in Barcelona and operating throughout Spain, Europe, and worldwide. It proposes a leadership model for educators and managers based on the Positive Discipline Principles. Núria has worked for more than 20 years in people development, the first 11 years in multinationals, and the last 12 years in schools. She worked as a Senior Change Management Consultant and as a Human Resources Manager for various industry sectors: IT/Telecom, insurance services, financial services, public institutions, and NGOs. While working in education she has been a management and entrepreneurship teacher and she has been involved in leadership positions. Núria is a Positive Discipline Lead Trainer and a Master Trainer for Empowering People in the Workplace. Núria is actually serving as a Board member in the Positive Discipline Association.